Recovery Services

URS offers services designed to improve mental health to achieve a better quality of life and reach goals, while focusing on symptom management and reduction as interventions to mental, emotional or behavioral issues.

Services are provided to residents of Montgomery, Greene and Clark Counties, ages 18 and up.  Participants must have a qualifying diagnosis to be eligible for Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) services.  An initial screen can be completed at no cost to assess eligibility for the services.  

Services may be provided in varying community-based settings, Monday through Friday, from 8 am and 5 pm.

Behavioral Health Counseling & Therapy (BHCT)

BHCT Services may occur in an individual, group or family format to promote wellness and recovery from mental, emotional and/or behavioral disabilities and disorders.  BHCT focuses on varied therapeutic outcomes such as:

  • Symptom Management/Reduction
  • Coping Skills Development
  • Enhancement of overall well-being to increase wellness, recovery and resiliency
  • Improved functioning to increase independence and quality of life
  • Psycho-Educational Sessions to increase insight and awareness
  • Individual and groups for caregiver support designed to provide resources and supportive treatment for people caring for individuals with disabilities.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

CPST Services may occur in an individual or group format to promote increased functioning, overall quality of life, and independent functioning for clients with mental health disorders, with or without accompany substance abuse disorders.  These services are focused on:

  • Increasing Access to Community Resources
  • Financial Stability
  • Safe & Affordable Housing
  • Symptom Management
  • Improved Self-Sufficiency

For more information on Recovery Services at URS, contact Jeremy Nelson at 937.853.5449.