A Legacy of Compassion: Dottie and Marty Miller’s Story

Dottie Miller and Her Late Husband Marty: Advocates for Disability Support

Dotty and her late husband Marty

Dottie Miller, alongside her late husband Marty, has long been a champion for individuals with disabilities, a cause deeply personal to them. Their granddaughter, Kelly, born in 1998, faced the challenges of a sensory integration disorder, a condition that can overwhelm the senses. Early predictions were daunting, suggesting Kelly might not progress beyond a third-grade educational level.

However, Kelly’s journey was one of remarkable progress, thanks to years of specialized therapy. United Rehabilitation Services (URS) played a crucial role in providing the necessary therapies that helped her achieve developmental milestones and gain independence. Defying initial medical assessments, Kelly is now a sophomore at Notre Dame, pursuing a degree in neuroscience and flourishing in her academic and personal life.

The Millers’ Personal Connection to URS


Dottie and Marty’s approach to philanthropy has always been driven by personal connections and the impact on their lives. They were early supporters of URS, contributing to the first capital campaign in 1999. Their involvement continued when URS moved to its current location, with the Miller Valentine Group overseeing the building’s renovation. Dottie also supported the Unlocking PossAbilities Campaign in 2015, which aimed to expand URS to reduce waiting lists, a testament to her belief in URS’s mission.


Continuing the Legacy Through Planned Giving

Dottie is dedicated to preserving both her and Marty’s legacy through a planned gift to URS. This gesture ensures the continuation of essential support services for individuals with disabilities for future generations. The Millers’ philanthropic efforts have been instrumental in safeguarding specialized services that annually benefit thousands in the community.


Joining the Millers in Shaping the Future

You, too, can be part of this legacy of change and hope. To explore how you can make a lasting impact and secure the future of URS, please contact Dennis G. Grant at dgrant@ursdayton.org or 937-853-5414. Discover the various giving options that align with your vision for a more inclusive and supportive community.