Gorman Hewitt Ayars Fund

History of the Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Memorial Fund of United Rehabilitation Services

The Gorman Foundation was established in 1968 by Gorman School Principal Helen M. Ayars, parents, and friends. It was created to assist students and former students who needed equipment not covered by the Dayton Public School System’s general operating fund.

In 1981, members of the Gorman School Foundation and the Board of United Cerebral Palsy (now United Rehabilitation Services) joined together to establish the Gorman-Ayars Memorial Fund of United Cerebral Palsy.

In 1991, upon the death of Mrs. Gladys D. Hewitt, through her generous bequest, the fund’s name was changed to the Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Memorial Fund of UCP. This name was changed in 1998 to the Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Memorial Fund of United Rehabilitation Services. Its purpose remains as intended: to assist residents of the Greater Dayton area with Cerebral Palsy or orthopedic disorders to obtain the maximum level of independence.


Financial Aid

Funds are used for the acquisition of appliances, support aids, augmentative communication equipment, home modification, reasonable administrative costs with assessed needs and Camperships on a needed basis.

How to Apply for Funds

Applications may be submitted to the Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Fund at any time. Documentation of income and other funding resources is requested. Alternative resources include the following:

  • Insurance Company
  • County-Family Resource Services
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Other

Each case will be evaluated for its specific needs. Organizational grants supporting individuals with disabilities may be submitted as well. These grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Additional guidelines are available from Rachel Zidaroff at 937.853.5419.

Contribute to the Gorman Hewitt-Ayars Fund

Donations may be made in a variety of ways:

Memorial Gifts: To honor a deceased relative, friend, educator or classmate.

Outright Gifts: Cash or long-term appreciated stocks or securities (often matched by your employer) for specific or general purposes.

Deferred Gifts: Bequests, charitable remainder trusts, term trusts, gift annuities and life insurance policies to be used as you designate. Please consult your attorney or financial planner for additional information.

Application Forms

Procedures for Obtaining Services
Application for Eligibility Determination
Grant Application

Once completed, please submit all materials to:
Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Fund
4710 Old Troy Pike
Dayton OH 45424

Email: rzidaroff@ursdayton.org