Code of Ethics

  1. I will do my best to see that United Rehabilitation Services meets the needs of the persons receiving services and abide by all URS policies and procedures.
  2. I will respect the value, dignity and rights of all individuals.
  3. I will do my best to create and maintain a climate of integrity, trust, and mutual respect.
  4. I will demonstrate excellence in customer service and speak to everyone in a friendly, positive, enthusiastic, and courteous way.
  5. I will support a work atmosphere that is open and non-secretive while being mindful of the need for confidentiality.
  6. I will support the decisions of management.  I may state my position, but ultimately accept that staff members must follow management’s final decision.
  7. I will be loyal to the agency and will not participate in any activity that directly competes with URS or do anything that might create a conflict of interest with the agency.
  8. I will uphold all applicable laws and regulations including reports of injury, abuse or neglect without fear of reprisal to protect and/or enhance United Rehabilitation Service’s ability to meet its mission.
  9. I will be a responsible steward of United Rehabilitation Service’s resources and report unethical conduct or wrongdoing within the agency to my Supervisor, the Executive Director or the Corporate Compliance Officer and understand that any report of violations will not result in any reprisals by URS.
  10. I will carefully consider the public perception of my personal and professional actions, and the effect my actions could have on United Rehabilitation Service’s reputation in my community and elsewhere.

To review the full Ethical Code of Conduct and detail regarding the Corporate Compliance process, you may request to view URS Policy #211.