What is aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a specific type of skilled physical therapy service provided in the pool environment.

What are the benefits?

The uniformity of water helps to eliminate the effects of gravity to help provide stability to the patient
that is not yet possible on land while making it easier to move around.
The constant pressure of the water helps provide resistance making aquatics an effective tool to address
body awareness.
For children with high tone (hypertonicity) and limited range of motion, aquatic therapy can assist with
tissue extensibility and overall relaxation.
Aquatic therapy has also been shown to have a calming effect for children with Autism.
For children experiencing respiratory impairment, the hydrostatic pressure helps re-direct blood flow
from the extremities to the chest.
Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta can benefit from the reduced gravity to strengthen in a more
controlled and safe environment.

How do I receive aquatic therapy and what can I expect?


Your child’s physician needs to send a script to United Rehabilitation Services (URS) at fax #: (937)-236-
8919 indicating your child’s name, diagnosis, and the desire for a physical therapy aquatic evaluation
and treatment. Your first visit will be a land therapy evaluation lasting up to 1 hour so the therapist can
learn more about your kiddo and his/her specific needs. After determining that therapy is appropriate,
you will get scheduled with the front office for aquatic therapy! Depending on your child’s tolerance
level and specific needs, the aquatics sessions will last 30, 45, or 60-minutes total. This will be indicated
when you schedule. Please bring your child dressed in appropriate swim gear to the next session. Your
therapist will get in the water with your child. Our unique pool design allows you to remain outside of
the pool while still able to view all that is happening in the water. Check out our pictures for more
details! Once the session is over, you can take your child to our designated dressing room to change and
go home.


Is your child already receiving land physical therapy? No problem! Ask your physical therapist if aquatics
would be a good option! The child may qualify for both land and aquatic therapy simultaneously, if

Want to learn more? Visit: https://aquaticpt.org/