Charles D. Berry: A Pillar of Support for United Rehabilitation Services

The Boston Family’s Journey and URS’s Role

At United Rehabilitation Services (URS), families like Casey and Jason Boston find invaluable support and hope. Their son Max, diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder at 24 weeks of pregnancy, faces multiple health challenges, including a heart murmur, seizure disorder, and significant motor skill impairments. Now 5 years old and nonverbal, Max requires continuous care, a commitment Casey and Jason understand extends well beyond his early years. URS stands as a steadfast ally for Max and the Boston family, offering support throughout his life.


Chuck Berry

Charles D. Berry: A Passionate Advocate and Donor

Charles D. Berry, known for his diverse interests like DJing and cycling, is most passionate about his philanthropic endeavors, particularly his support for local causes. His journey with URS began in 1974, volunteering for “Hike for the Handicapped.” Since then, Chuck has been a dedicated supporter of URS, contributing significantly to its mission. His deep commitment is reflected in a legacy gift, aimed at sustaining services for children like Max and countless others URS will serve in the future.


Why Chuck Believes in URS

Chuck’s belief in URS’s mission is rooted in the tangible differences he sees in the lives of its clients. He is inspired by stories like those of Mary Carol Bristow and Robin Johnson, who have been with URS since its inception in 1956. Witnessing their journey from childhood to adulthood within URS’s Adult Services Program underscores the organization’s unique ability to provide lifelong support.


A Lifetime of Support: URS’s Unique Role

URS’s unparalleled capacity to assist individuals with disabilities throughout their lives, from infancy to senior years, resonates deeply with Chuck. He values the organization’s efficient use of donations, with the vast majority directly benefiting its services. This efficiency ensures that his contributions make a significant impact.

Max and his family

Securing the Future: Chuck’s Lasting Impact

For the many children and adults with disabilities who rely on URS, Chuck’s support has been transformative. His legacy gift is more than a donation; it’s a promise of continued care and opportunity for future generations. Chuck’s dedication to URS not only addresses immediate needs but also builds a foundation for enduring support.


To explore legacy giving options and support essential services for individuals with disabilities, please reach out to Dennis G. Grant at or 937-853-5414.