Connections: Kain’s Lifelong Journey at URS

Kain’s Resilient Spirit and URS’s Unwavering Support

Kain, now 26, has been part of the United Rehabilitation Services (URS) family since he was just 18 months old, embodying resilience and the power of community. Born prematurely and facing early health challenges, Kain’s journey with URS is a testament to the strength found in enduring connections.



Overcoming Early Obstacles

Kain’s life began with significant hurdles. Born 14 weeks early, his initial month was spent on a ventilator, leading to detached retinas at six weeks old. Despite over 100 surgeries to correct his vision and other medical interventions, including a tracheotomy and G-tube feedings, Kain’s challenges continued. Diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at age 4, he received his first wheelchair at 5.


A Mother’s Quest for Care

Throughout these early trials, Kain’s mother, Erica, balanced her college education and career aspirations while navigating Kain’s complex medical needs. Her greatest concern was finding a childcare environment where Kain would be safe, nurtured, and not taken advantage of due to his nonverbal condition. URS provided not just a solution but a second family – a place where Kain received comprehensive care and unconditional love.


The Pandemic’s Impact and Kain’s Resilience

The pandemic brought new challenges, disrupting Kain’s routine and connection with his friends at URS. The temporary closure of URS deeply affected Kain, who typically greets each day with a smile. His joy returned when URS reopened with strict health protocols, allowing him to rejoin the Adult Day Services program, reuniting with friends and caregivers.


Your Role in Sustaining Hope

Kain’s story is a powerful reminder of the critical role URS plays in the lives of those it serves. By including a bequest to URS in your will, you help ensure that essential support services continue for individuals like Kain. Your legacy can provide a safety net for many more, sustaining the community and connections that are vital to our clients’ well-being.


To learn more about legacy giving and how you can be part of this vital support network, please contact Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or Your contribution can make a lasting impact, offering hope and connection to those who rely on URS.