URS safety protocols and PPE information:

URS Protocols for COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Tips for DSPs

Helpful information for people with disabilities:

We know some folks with developmental disabilities struggle with wearing masks when they go out into the community. That’s why MCBDDS Behavior Support Specialist Brian Katchmer created a video that explains why we wear masks and how to wear them properly. He also shows different types of masks: https://youtu.be/YklWRwT0AzU.

In addition, their Behavior Support Team created two social stories–one for adults, and one for children–about why face masks are needed. You can check them out at https://www.mcbdds.org/765/Social-Stories-Helping-People-Understand.

Additional Videos:

How to put on and take off a surgical mask

How to put on and take off a cloth mask

How to safely put on and take off cloth masks

How to clean masks

What we need to know about hand washing

Clean hands help prevent illness