Emma’s Inspiring Progress: A Testament to Your Support


Emma’s Journey at United Rehabilitation Services

At United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton (URS), our mission is to enhance the quality of life and foster independence for the many children and adults with disabilities we serve. Your thoughtful inclusion of URS in your estate planning is vital to ensuring that we can continue to support children like Emma and their families.

Emma’s Remarkable Achievements

Emma, a two-year-old with a rare chromosomal disorder, faces challenges with muscle tone, speech, and swallowing, necessitating a g-tube for nutrition. Since joining the URS Special Needs Childcare program over a year ago, Emma has been receiving a range of therapeutic treatments and has shown incredible progress.

Her mother, Shauna, immediately transferred Emma’s occupational, physical, and speech therapies to URS upon enrollment. The results have been heartening: Emma is now able to pull herself up, walk with support, communicate using sign language, and has started eating some foods, though she still requires careful monitoring with liquids.

A Life-Changing Impact for Shauna

The comprehensive care at URS, including on-site therapies and nursing services, has significantly impacted Shauna’s life as well. Before joining URS, Shauna faced the challenge of balancing her job with Emma’s frequent therapy appointments, a situation that put her employment and financial stability at risk.

Your Role in Transforming Lives

The high level of care and support that Emma receives at URS is made possible through the generosity of people like you. Your support is crucial in helping us provide specialized care and make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.


We are here to assist you with resources and guidance on leaving a lasting legacy. For more information or any assistance, please reach out to Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or dgrant@ursdayton.org. Your contribution is more than a gift; it’s a lifeline that empowers children like Emma to reach their full potential.