Finding Peace of Mind with URS’ Childcare Programs

The Cain Family’s Journey to URS

For working parents like Jason and Billi Cain, finding the right childcare is a daunting task, especially when caring for a child with special needs. Their son Asher, diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, required a safe and nurturing environment, which they found at United Rehabilitation Services.



Asher’s Unique Needs and URS’s Comprehensive Care

Angelman Syndrome, characterized by a happy demeanor and specific physical challenges, means Asher requires specialized care. At URS, he receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy while attending the Preschool Program, significantly easing his parents’ evening schedules.


A Voice for Asher: The Impact of Therapy

Asher’s speech therapy at URS focuses on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), helping him express his needs and desires. His parents, particularly his mother Billi, are grateful for the progress he’s making and the dedicated care he receives from the URS staff.


Your Legacy: Ensuring Continued Care

Your inclusion of United Rehabilitation Services in your legacy planning can ensure that children like Asher continue to receive the specialized care they need. Various endowment funds at URS, including the Charles D. Berry Endowment Fund, offer opportunities for targeted support.


To learn more about these funds and how you can contribute, please visit our Endowment Funding page or contact Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or Your legacy can provide peace of mind for families like the Cains.