Freddy’s Flourishing Progress at URS

Freddy’s Remarkable Journey of Growth

United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton (URS) is committed to enhancing the lives of the many children and adults with disabilities we serve. Freddy, a 3-year-old in our five-star Early Childhood Education Program, is a shining example of the progress that can be achieved with our support.



Freddy’s Early Life Challenges

Born prematurely with Down syndrome, chronic lung disease, and congenital heart defects, Freddy’s first two months were spent in the hospital, undergoing open-heart surgery and multiple other procedures. Despite these early setbacks, Freddy’s journey has been one of resilience and determination.


A Family’s Relief and Gratitude

Freddy’s mother, Jessica, finds comfort and convenience in URS’s integrated approach. With on-site therapy services, Freddy’s family enjoys more quality time together at home, knowing he receives comprehensive care during the day.


Therapists and Teachers: Partners in Progress

Jessica praises the URS therapists and teachers for their incredible support and communication. Freddy has made significant strides in his feeding, motor, social, and independent skills, thanks to their dedication and expertise.


Your Impact and Legacy

The programs benefiting children like Freddy rely on the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsorships, and planned gifts. By making a planned gift to URS, you help sustain these vital programs for future generations.


To explore how you can leave a lasting legacy of kindness, please contact Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or Your support can change lives and create brighter futures for children like Freddy.