Honoring a Mother’s Vision: Corliss Schubert’s Tribute

Corliss Schubert and Her Sister’s Bond

In the vibrant hues of her mother’s 1950s kitchen, Corliss Schubert recalls her mother, Marge Bristow, fervently rallying support over the phone for disability support initiatives. “I remember her in that pink kitchen, gesturing for silence as she made her calls,” Corliss says with a smile.

Corliss and her sister, Mary Carol

Corliss grew up witnessing Marge’s relentless dedication to helping others. Marge’s notable contributions included establishing the Dayton Chapter of United Cerebral Palsy (now URS), being an active board member of the Resident Home Association, initiating the Saturday Pal Club for engaging children with disabilities, and organizing UCP’s Camp Variety for inclusive outdoor experiences.

Marge’s passion stemmed from personal experience, as two of her daughters, Jan and Mary Carol, had special needs. Jan had polio, and Mary Carol was born with cerebral palsy. Marge’s mission was to ensure they received equal opportunities in education and life.

Childhood Memories: Adventures and Advocacy

Corliss fondly remembers growing up with Jan and Mary Carol. She recounts a memorable incident at a cousin’s lake house in Michigan. “It’s a good thing Mary Carol had learned how to hold her breath underwater! When she was little, Shawen Acres, a former orphanage in Dayton, opened up a pool so kids with disabilities could play in the water safely. One summer, the three of us were sitting on the dock at my cousin’s lake house in Michigan feeding the ducks. Mary Carol was sitting on a chair and Jan gave her some bread to throw into the lake. Next thing I know, Mary Carol is in the water too! I never knew my mom could fly, but that’s what she did. I started yelling for her and she FLEW into the lake! She grabbed Mary Carol and placed her on the dock. Mary Carol was laughing the while time and was fine after her trip into the lake!


Corliss Schubert and Marge Bristow: Continuing the Legacy

Corliss and her mother, Marge Bristow, who helped found today’s URS

With Mary Carol’s passing in 2022, these memories have taken on a poignant significance. Corliss cherishes the times spent with Mary Carol, who found joy and friendship at URS for many years.

In a heartfelt gesture, Corliss has pledged a planned gift to URS, inspired by her mother’s legacy. “This gift is a tribute to our mother’s lifelong commitment to helping others,” she explains. URS holds a special place in their family’s history, with Mary Carol being a long-time participant since its founding.

Corliss’s contribution will support The James & Marge Bristow Legacy Fund, established in 2011 to honor her mother. This fund is dedicated to promoting community inclusion, self-advocacy, and independence for URS clients, funding activities like the Solidarity Conference and various community outings.


To explore legacy giving options and support essential services for individuals with disabilities, please reach out to Dennis G. Grant at dgrant@ursdayton.org or 937-853-5414.