October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)!

Nicholas, 19, recently graduated from the Project SEARCH internship program, a collaborative effort among Employment Services of United Rehabilitation Services, Greene County Career Center and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. The program is designed to help students with special needs transition from school to the world of work.  Throughout Nicholas’ internship, he made it clear that he wanted to find a job and to help those in need. 

After graduation, Nicholas worked with URS’ Job Development Services to secure integrated, community employment. After a few months of diligently searching and carefully considering the risk and benefits of finding employment during a pandemic, Nicholas was offered a position as a Housekeeper at HarborChase of Beavercreek. Nicholas completed numerous health and safety trainings with his Job Developer and felt ready to begin his new role. 

When asked, Nicholas reported his favorite thing about working at HarborChase is, “Socializing with the residents! I love talking and learning from them.” He went on to say, “I love reducing the spread of COVID-19! I feel like a hero when I’m finished with work!” Nicholas takes great pride in the responsibilities he has been given. Shelby Jackson, his Job Developer shared, “His willingness to help people and do a good job is what every employee should aim to be like!” Nicholas’s supervisor reported he is pleased with his work and he is “doing a fantastic job!

For more information about Employment Services at URS, click here or contact Jeremy Nelson at 937-853-5449 or jeremyn@ursdayton.org.