Miguel’s Transformative Journey

Miguel’s Story: Triumph and Transformation at URS

For children like Miguel, 11, United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton (URS) is more than just a support system—it’s a lifeline. For his mother, Megan, a single parent, URS provides the essential services that allow her to maintain her job and lead a fulfilling life.



Miguel’s Journey of Achievement

Miguel, who has cerebral palsy and is on the autism spectrum, has made incredible progress since joining URS’ School-Age Program in 2016. Attending after-school and summer camp, he receives on-site therapy, reaching milestones once thought unattainable.


Challenges and Resilience: URS’s Commitment

The past two years have been tough, with the pandemic affecting individuals and businesses alike. URS has faced these challenges head-on, investing over $150,000 in safety measures to protect our community. Despite the strain on our operations, our commitment to serving children and adults with disabilities remains unwavering.


Your Role in Sustaining Our Mission

As we navigate uncertain times, your support is more crucial than ever. Including URS in your estate planning ensures that we can continue to serve vulnerable individuals like Miguel. Your legacy can provide a safety net for those who rely on our services.


To learn more about creating a legacy of support, please contact Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or dgrant@ursdayton.org. Your contribution can make a lasting difference in the lives of many.