National Disability Employment Awareness Month (#NDEAM) is a campaign held every October to celebrate the many contributions of America’s workers with disabilities and to raise awareness regarding employment of people with disabilities. The 2019 theme is “The Right Talent, Right Now.” We would like to share with you one of our stories of success in the workplace. Meet Matt!


Matthew Dorn is friendly, compassionate soul.  He came to URS to receive employment supports because of his desire to work. He was born with Down Syndrome which affects his reasoning and communication skills but it does not affect his passion and zeal for life.


Matt has an open and warm spirit but lacked some of the necessary components of a traditional resume. The Job Developer utilized his strengths and abilities to create a video resume that would showcase his personality, warmth, and ability to stay on task. Through his own desire to achieve his goals and the support of URS he was able to gain competitive, integrated community employment at McDonald’s in Xenia, Ohio. He was brought on as a member of the maintenance crew specifically caring for the lobby, wiping down tables, cleaning chairs, and keeping the condiment area clean. He is also responsible for assisting with dish washing but his biggest strength is his friendly attitude and customer service.


Matt is well liked and received by coworkers and customers greeting them with familiar smiles, fist bumps, and high fives.  He makes sure to tell customers “thank you” when they leave the restaurant.   He thoroughly enjoys his work and never fails to always have a smile on his face.


His Job Developer, Briget Forsythe stated “Matt just makes others feel good.  It is infectious.”  When his supervisor was asked how he was doing on the job, she smiled and exclaimed “Great! He has two jobs here… The dishes and making everyone smile.”