Kristen started at URS in 2016 in the Adult Day Care Program. This program provides stimulating and socially-engaging programs in an environment where adults and seniors with disabilities can socialize and instill a sense of purpose in their lives.

In 2017, Kristen transitioned to URS’ 1st Shift Vocational Training Program. This program is designed to assist individuals on the “pathway to employment” to achieve their vocational goals through skills training and preparation for community life. Kristen was in this program for 3 years and was said to be URS’ “star laundry employee!”

In November 2019, Kristen transitioned to URS’ Job Development Services to begin the process of securing integrated, competitive community employment. In February 2020, Kristen was offered a part-time laundry attendant position at Social Row Transitional Care.

Kristen was provided job coaching services to help Kristen start her new position with an even playing field. She received help learning new tasks and adjusting to a new environment. Today, Kristen works independently at Social Row Transitional Care and only receives minimal long-term follow-along supports that are available if she needs them. Kristen reported, “I love working at Social Row!” Her manager also reports that Kristen is hardworking and dependable!