We are so thankful this holiday season for all of our families who trust us with their loved one! Thank you to Jane Weikel for allowing us to share your positive experience with our Speech Language Pathologist, Katie, with others!!


“I wanted to thank you for all of your work with Phillip, his house manager, his dad and I on his new TouchChat program.


An example of how your training has made a difference in Phillip’s ability to communicate and in his life is this week when Phillip called me frustrated and agitated I asked him to get his device and tell me what was wrong. He started using the program to communicate with me and there was an immediate change in his demeanor. I did not hear that sad voice again that day.  That is a true success.


I look forward to working with you again to continue to develop Phillip’s ability to communicate his wants and needs and interact with the community at home and in public.


I can already see that the device and your training have made a true difference in Phillips life. Thank you for your patience, prompting, knowledge and caring.”