“Being able to bring the girls to daycare during this pandemic has helped me to get back to work & not have to worry day to day who will watch the kids. Getting our everyday routine back also helped the girls out. The staff at URS has been amazing during all of this & very helpful with any questions I’ve had & keeping me up to date on how the girls are doing. It’s very comforting knowing my girls are being well taken care of & URS is following all procedures to keep everyone safe & healthy!” Jennifer Sark

“I have been an Assistant Manager since January at my job which requires me to work 50 hours per week. My husband works in the morning and since the schools shut down that left me to work in the evening, also no longer giving me the option to be available more than 30 hours a week. We had decided to go with another care facility originally for the summer program but at the last minute it was cancelled. I can’t express the gratitude I have for Tracy and the URS family for being there for us when we needed them. To know that my child is in a place she is cared for, protected and loved means so much to me. In just the week she has been back we can begin to see the beginnings of some normalcy in our schedules and an opportunity for me to become a GM. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing exceptional care during these ever changing times.”  Philadelphia Gadso

“I want to send my gratitude to URS and it’s staff for pulling strings together and helping with pandemic care. When URS opened their doors for the children of essential employees, it eased my worries as my child with Autism could not attend any typical daycare or stay home due to his age and level of disability. He has felt welcomed by all staff and I am confident in the staff who are there daily serving the community by helping with our children. I want to thank all the employees there who are committed to taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all individuals, especially Tracy [Youth Services Manager], who worked very hard to make this happen.” With much regards, Leah Hawkins

“I would like to commend all those who are responsible for the outstanding child care that’s being delivered at United Rehabilitation Services (URS) during this current pandemic. My family is eternally grateful for the high quality detailed care being delivered to our child, and the other children in attendance. Simply put, my family couldn’t make it without your outstanding child care services. We’re extremely confident in the skill level of his teachers, they know him and he loves and trusts them, as do we. Our son’s learning skills are exceeding previously benchmarks. I can’t tell you how stress free my husband and I feel going to work knowing our child is in the hands of true professionals. We are very much appreciative of URS. We want to give a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Lysie and the entire staff for always going above and beyond! We love our URS family very much!” The Little Family

“I have appreciated the quickness and ease of getting my kids into the center and allowing Gavyn to come in, even though URS is not his center. Your help has allowed me to get back to work which I cant thank you enough for. I also appreciate how you have taken such good care of my kiddos. You and all staff have been so wonderful with my kids. I was very hesitant on getting my kids back to care with this pandemic, but you made it very easy and calmed my nerves with all precautions you are taking to keep my kids healthy and happy. I really appreciate all that you do, not just for my kids, but for myself. I am very happy we have you in our lives. We love you all!” Rachel Owsley

“I just wanted to let you know that URS has played an instrumental part in assisting me with childcare during this pandemic. You were in constant contact with us while URS was closed giving updates as you received them. URS worked diligently to re-open so us essential workers could still have childcare without any hassles and provided families with different resources to assist us during this pandemic. URS has been great to us and we really appreciate you all.” Thank you, Lakecia McGraw

“United Rehabilitation Services was vital for us during the pandemic. Our child was having difficulty with transitions and was unable to adjust to her first pandemic daycare that we placed her in. We called United Rehabilitation Services and they were responsive, accommodating, and adaptable to ours and others unique situations. They have training that prepares them for a range of behaviors. After we enrolled is when we also discovered some other people we knew who also spoke well of them. Our child’s behavior improved and she is excited to go to daycare. The staff is friendly and work on building a relationship with the children.” Anonymous

“Thank goodness URS is available for pandemic care. My husband has had to report to work this entire time, and I too was called back to work on site prior to the state opening back up. Every essential worker is essential for a reason. To be able to do the work needed, we must have complete peace of mind that our children are being cared for in the absolute best way possible. I have the confidence I need to do my job because I know my son’s needs are being met.  URS has been here for my son for years, and during this crisis they were able to step up and continue to be there for him. He is not only getting caring and attentive teachers who keep him stimulated all day, but he is also getting the medical care that he needs. From his specialized feeding, to daily medications and possible emergency situations due to his syndrome, the nursing staff is there for his care. I just want to thank his daily teachers, the nursing staff and all the workers that keep URS operational so that I too can do my job.” Billi Cain