The Remarkable Journey of Twins Thea and Tobias

Thea and Tobias: Ambassadors of Hope and Resilience

At United Rehabilitation Services (URS), we witness daily the transformative impact of our educational childcare programs and therapy services on families. This is especially true for families with multiple children with disabilities, like twins Thea and Tobias.

Thea and Tobias


Born Fighters: Thea and Tobias’ Early Challenges

The twins, born prematurely at 25 weeks, faced a tough start, spending 112 days in the NICU. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Thea now uses an ankle-foot brace to aid her walking. Since enrolling in URS’ acclaimed early childhood education program in 2021, both Thea and Tobias have been receiving vital on-site therapies.


A Family’s Relief and Joy

Their father, Stefan, shares the joy and relief he feels seeing his twins thrive at URS. Thea and Tobias not only enjoy their time, make friends, and play with other children, but they have also shown significant improvements in speech and social skills.


Easing the Family’s Burden

The availability of integrated therapies at URS has been a game-changer for the family, significantly reducing the stress and logistical challenges they face. This comprehensive approach to care is what makes URS a unique and invaluable resource for families like Stefan’s.


Your Role in Shaping Futures

By including a gift to URS in your estate plan, you play a crucial role in ensuring that children like Thea and Tobias continue to receive high-quality care and therapies. Your legacy can shape the future for countless children and families.


Taking the First Step

To begin creating your legacy of care, we encourage you to consult with your estate planning attorney. If you already have a will, adding your gift to URS can be a simple update. Remember, a bequest in your will allows you to make a significant impact without parting with assets today.


For assistance or more information on legacy giving, please reach out to Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or Your support can make a world of difference for children like Thea and Tobias.