October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Beth started in Job Development and Placement services in January 2020.  She is an intelligent and driven young woman. She has earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Wittenberg University in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Master’s of Art in Public Health Epidemiology from University of Toledo.  She currently works part-time for Clark County Combined Health District. 

She was seeking a job that would utilize her knowledge of medical terminology, scientific principles and also provide health insurance and a path to a future career.  This led her to looking at positions from Contract Tracing to positions in healthcare support such as a Pharmacy Technician. After months of applying and diligently searching she was hired by CVS Pharmacy on Derr Road in Springfield, Ohio.  Beth was more than capable of completing the essential functions of the job but needed some support and coaching with appropriate social interactions and communication with the public and her team. She initially received remote coaching and even in the middle of the pandemic was able to overcome her communication barriers to have successful outcomes on the job.  She is currently taking online modules to become a licensed Pharmacy Technician.  She states that she finds the training very interesting and has enjoyed learning new skills.

Beth has done a great job staying on task with her training and meeting her deadlines.  Her brain is a sponge for information and was able to learn and retain information quickly.   She will take her test with the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy in October and we look forward to seeing where she will go with her career!