Tion’s Triumphs: A Story of Growth and Support

Navigating Challenges with URS’s Comprehensive Care

Every day, families like Erica’s find invaluable support at United Rehabilitation Services (URS), where high-quality, educational childcare and therapy services transform lives. For Erica, who cares for her nephew Tion, URS has been a beacon of hope, allowing her to maintain her job and normalcy in their lives.



Tion’s Journey of Overcoming and Flourishing

Tion, now 3 years old, joined the URS 5-Star Rated Early Childhood program at just 6 months. Facing multiple health challenges, including torticollis, which affected his ability to move his neck, and other mobility and communication barriers, Tion’s early life was filled with obstacles. His condition required specialized care, including a G-tube for nutrition.

Remarkable Progress with URS’s Support

Since enrolling at URS, Tion has experienced incredible growth. Through intensive occupational, physical, and speech therapies, he has made leaps in development. He can now sit independently, pull himself to stand, and even enjoys playing catch and riding a tricycle with his friends. His joyful smile during these activities speaks volumes about his progress.


A Safe Haven for Tion and Peace of Mind for Erica

For Erica, URS provides much more than just childcare. It’s a place where Tion receives the highest level of care from a team of skilled therapists and nurses. This assurance allows her to focus on her work, knowing Tion is in safe, loving hands.


Your Legacy: Ensuring Futures Like Tion’s

By including a gift to United Rehabilitation Services in your will, you play a crucial role in ensuring that children like Tion continue to receive the care and therapies they need. Your legacy can shape the future for countless children and families.


Creating Your Legacy of Care

Starting your legacy is as simple as a conversation with your estate planning attorney. Even if you have an existing will, a single sentence can add your gift to URS. This kind of gift doesn’t impact your assets today, yet it makes a significant impact on our mission and the lives of children like Tion.


For guidance or more information on legacy giving, please reach out to Dennis G. Grant at 937-853-5414 or dgrant@ursdayton.org. Your support can provide peace of mind and a brighter future for families like Erica’s and children like Tion.