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The safety of our clients and their families is our top priority!

We’ve taken these steps to ensure the wellbeing of everyone at URS.


  • We screen staff and clients each day by asking wellness questions and monitoring their temperature.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including masks, is readily available at no cost for staff and clients
  • Staff has undergone extensive disease control health training and are mandated to wear masks at all times


diagram of UVC lighting

Our Center

  • We re-purposed space in our building to assure safe social distancing between participants and staff
  • Industrial-sized HEPA filters have been installed in our childcare classrooms, which can capture 99.7% of human-generated viral particles
  • We installed UVC lighting throughout the HVAC system to destroy germs, viruses and the spread of bacteria, creating better air quality for all
  • We sanitize vehicles, workspaces and hallways throughout the day
  • We utilize disinfectant foggers at the end of each day in common areas


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