Are you interested in participating in Knockout Dayton Summer 2018 on Saturday, August 25th?

Proceeds benefit local children and adults with disabilities at United Rehabilitation Services!

Knockout Dayton is an amateur exhibition boxing charity event hosted by Drakes Downtown Gym.

Can you do it? Yes you can! All levels are welcome! No boxing experience required. Must be 18 years old.

What is required? Your commitment and training. Practices are 3 days a week including sparring. Your commitment to the training will make you a success in the ring. All participants must be able to make time to be at these practices.

How much does it cost? A sponsorship of $250. Friends, family and local businesses can help with the cost. Sponsorship covers the fighter’s training for 3 months at the gym.

Knockout is a fantastic way to take your boxing to the next level, to have an extraordinary experience that only few will ever have and raise money for a great locally based charity!

Visit Drakes Downtown Gym on Facebook or their website for more information!

Are you ready to step in the ring? Call the gym at 937-223-6193 and talk to John, Pat or Shannan!